About New Horizon

Guests on New Horizon


Sailing the beautiful Whitsunday Islands over 2 days and 2 nights.

We think we've perfected our itinerary over the years, allowing you to see the best parts of the Whitsunday's on your sailing adventure. We'll take you to Australia's finest beach – Whitehaven Beach, where you'll enjoy the stunning views and the fantastic feel of silica sand between your toes. Blue Pearl bay to experience the beautiful under water coral gardens as well as Luncheon Bay for some fantastic snorkeling.

There are heaps of other great spots available and we usually leave it up to the weather and wind to tell us where's good for the day.

Some of these will include:

  • Langford Reef
  • Manaray Bay
  • Butterfly Bay
  • Nara Inlet
  • Tongue Bay

Enjoy all we have to offer as we leisurely sail around this stunning marine park where time just seems to fade away.

Our friendly crew will happily show you the ropes and even let you take the helm on this classic timber schooner, or simply relax and soak up the sun with our huge sun bathing areas.

Whatever you choose, we're confident New Horizon will be one of the highlights on your trip down under.

Guest Charter

Our priority is to give all of our customers the best trip that we can provide within the constraints of weather conditions.

However things don't always go to plan, in the event that does sadly happen we want you to know that we will do everything within our power to rectify your problem.


Your safety will always be our priority when you travel with us. We will never compromise on safety.

Giving Us Your Feedback

If you have a compliment or complaint, then we want to hear about it. Our aim is to resolve any problems on the spot where possible, via our staff at ABC Travel, the vessel Crew or through our web site. However, if your problem is a bit more complex you can contact us by:

  • Via contact us here on this web site
  • Write to True Blue Sailing, P.O.Box 747, Cannonvale, Qld, 4802.
  • Phone +61 7 4946 5755

Our Guest Relations team will acknowledge your contact, and our aim is to contact you with a detailed response within 10 business days where possible and depending on the complexity of your situation.

Delays and Cancellations - Letting You Know

Sometimes our schedules change due to unforseen reasons so it is important that we have your contact details, at the time you make your booking, so that we can reschedule you with the least amount of inconvenience.

Delays and Cancellations - Those Within Our Control

Although rare sometimes we may have a mechanical breakdown that's unexpected and cannot fix in time. If this occurs you will receive a letter stating the reason and you should receive a full refund from your agent. If possible we can arrange another trip at your convenience through ABC Travel.

If we are delayed, we will keep you informed as to when the new departure time is and set sail at that time. You will not see any less as the later departure does not really change our itinerary as we head straight to our first night anchorage anyway and we will drive the vessel faster to make up time.

Delays and Cancellations - Those Outside Our Control

Cancellation due weather, then you will be refunded by your insurance and if you want we will organise another trip through ABC Travel at a later date at a mates rate.

If we are delayed, we will keep you informed as to when the new departure time is and set sail at that time. You will not see any less as the later departure does not really change our itinerary as we head straight to our first night anchorage anyway and we will drive the vessel faster to make up time.

If We Cannot Provide a place on Your Trip

On rare occasions we may request for volunteers to move to a later trip, or may need to ask a guest to do so. If this happens to you, you will be moved to the next available trip or placed upon another vessel of equivalent value at no additional cost to you.

Guests with Special Needs

Guests with special needs and passengers with disabilities are warmly welcomed and important to us, however please check with our friendly staff at ABC Travel to make sure that we can provide sufficient care that will be required.

Travel Insurance

We expect you to take out travel insurance. No matter how well we all plan, sometimes unforeseen factors can disrupt travel plans. While we do our best to ensure things run smoothly, we can't guarantee that the occasional hiccup won't happen. Travel insurance is the most sensible protection against any hiccups that do arise. Remember that our region is flood prone especially in the summer months and this disrupts the ability to even get here for your trip. So we highly recommend that you have insurance for this possibility.

It's important that you understand what your travel insurance will cover you against.


We respect your personal information. Your personal information will be kept primarily for future records. However we reserve the right to contact you if we believe there is a special with us that may be in your interest.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We take our commitment to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment seriously. We are committed to ensuring that True Blue Sailing not only grows responsibly, but also remains focused on finding solutions that will make a low carbon holiday as much as possible now and into the future. To that end we have worked with Eco Tourism to produce a document outlining our views and actions on climate change and minimising our carbon footprint as a company overall. You can reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting your trip with our "Sail Carbon Neutral" scheme.

Providing Refunds

If it is confirmed that you are due a refund, this will be actioned within 20 days of confirmation for cash and cheque, or 7 days for credit card.

Other Information

Our Terms & Conditions of Carriage outline our key responsibilities to you and also your responsibilities to us. This Charter and the Terms and Conditions work hand in hand, so please be sure to read both documents.

If you have any questions about this charter, please email us at accounts@truebluesailing.com.au or you can call our Guest Contact Centre on 07 49465755